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We Spied On Celebrities And We Notice Something

From international model Amber Chia to famous blogger Delia Lobo, we follow their daily life on social media religiously. We want to be like them because they are an idol to us, so why miss the chance when we can steal their fashion styles?

In a tight hourglass dress accentuating her luscious waist, Amber Chia shows elegance and grace as she walks in this dress designed by Maglifestyle’s designers.

Kudos to Tong Bing Yu for rocking this style! We are now more in love with navy blue stripes then ever!

For a more conventional dressing, Reen Rahim nailed it with this blue pants with pretty ruffles on the side! Such a show off with modest dressing!

 Sporting a yellow floral top and black pants, Juliana Evans looks stunningly stylish! The top can also be paired with a maxi skirt for outdoor activities!

This style is the best of both world when Ruby Faye strut her style in yellow floral jacket and black lita boot. All eyes are definitely on her!

What is better than pairing a smile and a beautiful dress together? A charming smile of Sherlyn Seo when she wore Maglifestyle’s navy blue top of course!


Has any of the dresses caught your eyes? All of the above and more are available at Maglifestyle boutique so head over to the nearest store to get it now!

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