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Take Your Checked Styles To Work

You have heard of ‘Take Your Child To Work Day’ but have you heard of ‘Take Your Styles To Work Day’? Well we are bringing checks to work!

Check outfits are making a comeback this year with a variety of ways to match. Just don a simple t-shirt and a pair of loafers and you’re good to go because nothing beats simple!

You can go for a splash of bright colours like green, orange or red to match grey check jacket. It is a great combination for a pop of colours.

If you’re feeling a bit extreme, you can wear an oversized sweater or a knitted turtleneck. Though it can be a tad warm in tropical weather!


An unusual but unique way of matching checks are a short leather skirt or slim black dress to strut your way on the pavement! Being unique really stands out!

If you opt for the whole set in grey checks, a sexy tank top is the perfect solution.

For a more formal setting, long sleeved top with collar or turtleneck and a clutch bag is a good way to start a productive day!

Like what you see? Head over to Maglifestyle stores and boutique to get your check jackets and pants now! Even better, it is an exclusive price for our checked pants and skirts so grab it while you still can!

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