Established in 2010 by Yen and Shirley, Maglifestyle is designed by women for women. Both sisters Yen and Shirley started to design their used clothes during high school. They share creative vision creating collections that is sensual with minimal sophistication and a touch of femininity.

They started their first boutique in the most fashionable district, known as Bangsar for the high street concept boutique. Magazine’s designs suit those with strong passion in fashion. Yen and Shirley are enthusiastic in fashion and dressing up KL women to look effortlessly stunning within affordable pricing, has always been a dream.

These sisters travel around the globe, turning experiences into inspirations as part of their collections. So when you see all of MAG’s collection, they are not just fashion pieces but influences of the travel destinations and extraordinary culture in every significant detail. Both partners are continuously trying and experimenting with a variety of materials to create the most original design and of course! They will never stop travelling as they believe that every journey they take is where their inspiration begin.

The concept of Maglifestyle is a fashion brand which is the in-trend designs of ready to wear with versatile ability from the sister’s creativity. Maglifestyle always wanted to build up a fashionable designs and trying very hard to provide good quality with affordable price for the customers.

Maglifestyle is target to young and energetic women who is adventurous and always wanted to wear stylish everyday!